Zeref (ゼレフZerefu?) is a character described throughout the series as the most powerful and evil wizard in history. He is an ageless being and appears in the form of a young man with black hair. He is able to create legions of demons and control demons, and possesses magic that causes all living things around him to die. He was believed to have been defeated and sealed away four hundred years before the events of the series, but is later revealed to be alive on Tenrō Island where he is sought out by Grimoire Heart. Despite being rumored to be an evil wizard who views life as insignificant, he had come to cherish life at some point following his defeat in the past. However, he can forget and remember the value of life at will, which greatly affects his powers: he has no trouble killing anyone when he views life as insignificant, but loses control over his power when he loses his will to kill anyone. He thus despises himself as someone with no choice but to kill, believing himself to be "rejected by the world" for his abilities. He is familiar with Natsu and wishes to be killed by him, believing Natsu to be the only one capable of doing so. He is voiced by Akira Ishida.