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Comic Gene 07 2011 001 sm

The Japanese publisher Media Factory has announced that it will launch a new magazine called Monthly Comic Gene next April. The magazine will feature two series by Minari Endo, the Brave10 manga series by Kairi Shimotsuki, and a series tentatively titled Black Bard by Ichiya Sazanami. Endo will create both an all-new original work and a spinoff from her Maria Holic manga for the magazine. Shimotsuki is moving Brave10 to Comic Gene after ending its first story arc in the January issue of Media Factory's Monthly Comic Flapper magazine on Saturday.


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Monkey D Luffy Pic1

Monkey D. Luffy is the 19 year-old captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and the main protagonist of the franchise. Though he is the crew's leader, Luffy's lack of intelligence causes him to have a brave attitude towards life and can easily be amazed by the simplest things. He is also an expert fighter. In the beginning of the series, he accidentally eats a paramecia Devil Fruit called the Gum-Gum Fruit (ゴムゴムの実 Gomu Gomu no Mi?), causing his body to gain the properties of highly stretchable rubber.

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I want to know what it is, this 'sin' they say I've committed.
Oz Vessalius

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